Georges St-Pierre: Nick Diaz’s Mind Games Won’t Work

Written by Tom Ngo
November 28th, 2011

UFC Georges St Pierre

As the biggest welterweight scrap in MMA history approaches, don’t expect to hear much chatter coming from reigning UFC king Georges St-Pierre (Pictured). Although he was extremely irritated when Nick Diaz questioned the legitimacy behind his injuries, St-Pierre has gone back to providing the vanilla responses fans have grown accustomed to hearing from him when discussing impending opponents.

“He’s the No. 1 contender and he deserves a shot. I’m very happy to fight him,” St-Pierre told QMI Agency. “It’s always been the fight I’ve wanted to have. They only thing is he did not show up at the press conference … so the fight got cancelled — not because of me, but because of him and what he had done. But me, I wanted to fight him.”

Diaz was originally slated to challenge GSP for his crown at UFC 137, but lost his place in line after ditching back-to-back “beauty pageants” to promote the pay-per-view broadcast. However, after publicly blasting St-Pierre following his impressive win over BJ Penn, Diaz leapfrogged back into the championship affair.

“He wanted to have a title fight and he got it. [Calling me out is] the best way to do it and it’s not personal,” St-Pierre expressed. “I’ve seen it all from everyone before. If they’re trying to get into my head and make me fight a bad fight, it’s just mind games and it doesn’t work.

“I don’t even understand [or] speak English very well. I don’t understand most of the things that he says when he trash talks. I don’t really care.”

St-Pierre and Diaz will engage in the universal language of fighting on February 4th at UFC 143.

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