GSP Prepares for Fitch

Written by Tom Ngo
August 5th, 2008

Current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is one of the most feared fighters in MMA due to his well-rounded fight game. However, this champion knows that he cannot just rest on his reputation and previous accomplishments if he wants to go down as the greatest to ever grace the stage. GSP talks about his upcoming fight against Jon Fitch at UFC 87.

St-Pierre normally prepares for his bouts by training his wrestling against the Canadian Olympic Wrestling team in his native land, then will travel to New Mexico to sharpen his MMA skills with his coach and trainer Greg Jackson.

“I start my training camp normally 8-7 weeks before the fight,” GSP told Sherdog.com about his regular training schedule.  “Right now I am not training for a specific opponent. I am training my skills to be a better fighter overall.”

GSP normally meets up with Jackson 3-4 weeks prior to a fight at Jackson’s Submission Fighting. This is where he and Jackson have successfully worked together to develop the dominant strategies that have allowed St-Pierre to win three consecutive bouts, regaining the 170-pound belt along the way.

But, GSP has decided to add a wrinkle to his training regime this time around, as he faces who he claims as his toughest opponent to date in Fitch. He has sought the tutelage of Gracie Barra in Brazil in an attempt to perfect his Jui-Jitsu game.

“I decided to come here to Brazil to improve my ground, Jui-Jitsu skills,” GSP stated. “I think that it is going to be good for me in my next fights (coming up).”

After losing in his only title defense the first time he was champion, GSP knows that he has to continue to improve if he wants to hang on to the title this time around, especially facing an opponent the caliber of Fitch.

“Jon Fitch, overall he is probably the best fighter that I have fought so far,” GSP said about his UFC 87 opponent. “Very good on the ground, very good standing up and is a great wrestler. He’s got great composure. It’s going to be interesting. I am going to come out with a strategy and I am going to execute it.”

And what is that strategy going to be?

“When you play cards, you don’t show your hand,” expressed a secretive St-Pierre. “It would not be smart for me to talk about my strategy and it is too soon to determine it. But, when I return from Brazil, I will talk about it with my trainers, make a plan and I am going to train and execute it in the fight.”

Don’t look for the champion to run into the same issues that he did in his first failed title defense, as he remains  grounded and focused.

“I think Jon Fitch is a good fighter, but overall I am a better fighter than he is,” stated the Champion. “But I am going to have to come well prepared, otherwise it is going to be a bad night for me. But I am pretty confident.”

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