Tim Sylvia Working Towards UFC Return

Written by Tim Ngo
September 2nd, 2009

During a recent appearance on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia, “Let everybody know that I’m back. I’m looking to get into the big shows again.” Obviously the embarassing :9 second knockout loss to Ray Mercer as seen above and weighing in at 310lbs. isn’t the way to show Dana White that he’s ready to compete against the world’s best again.

There’s one flaw in Sylvia’s plan. Does the UFC want a guy who’s lost two straight fights outside of the Octagon? Even if one of those losses came at the hands of Fedor Emelianenko.

You don’t hear the UFC calling Andrei Arlovski’s phone, so why does Sylvia think his case might be different?

“You know Dana’s had some harsh things to say about me, but I’ve never said anything bad about him. When it comes to business, the best thing for Tim Syliva right now is to be in the UFC.  They are the biggest organization, they have the most money, the best fights, and there would be some great fights if I was back in the UFC,” Sylvia explained.

Yes we agree, it’s all about money, but was Sylvia ever a big pay-per-view draw for the  UFC? If he was, could he ever be a big draw again? Probably not, considering he’s lost four out of his last five fights with his only win against a vastly undersized Brandon Vera.

Sylvia’s never had a strong relationship with the fans which could make it a near impossible feat for him to return to the Octagon, unless he’s willing to fight for peanuts, which is something that Brock Lesnar would never do.

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