Georges St-Pierre Issues Stern Message to His Doubters

Written by Tom Ngo
December 7th, 2011

UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St Pierre

Georges St-Pierre (Pictured) has issued a stern message to those trying to kick him while he’s down. The UFC welterweight king promises that he and his soon-to-be surgically-repaired right knee will be back and badder than ever.

“Some people will say bad stuff about me, that ‘He’s finished’ and stuff like that,” St-Pierre expressed. “What I’m going to tell you is it’s very easy to hit a guy when he’s down. We have a saying in France, ‘The life goes up and down.’

“People will laugh because I’m in a downfall, I’m hurt, I’m not a threat to them. But I’ll be back on top, mark my words.”

The planet’s nastiest 170-pounder hasn’t been seen since beating Jake Shields at UFC 129 this past April. The fight marked his ninth consecutive victory and sixth straight title defense.

“Rush” was slated to defend his crown against Carlos Condit at UFC 137, but a sprained left knee required him to withdraw at the 11th hour. That injury ultimately forced him to overcompensate and tear the ACL and meniscus in his right knee during wrestling practice. He tried to push through the pain for several weeks and didn’t discover its severity until after undergoing an MRI on Monday.

“I believe there is only one person to blame for what happened and it’s myself,” St-Pierre shared. “I’m the kind of guy, I endure pain and go through it. I learned a big lesson in my life. It’s going to make me stronger, smarter and more clever.

“Everybody that says bad things and says bad stuff about me right now, mark my words. I’m going to tell you right now, I’m in a downfall in my life, but in a few months I’ll be back stronger than ever, and I will be champion again. I promise.”

Technically, St-Pierre is still the champ. Condit and Nick Diaz will actually be battling it out for the interim welterweight belt at UFC 143 courtesy of GSP’s exit.

Wednesday’s news wasn’t all bad for the French-Canadian. UFC president Dana White initially professed he would be riding the pine for 10 months, but St-Pierre’s surgeon predicts a full recovery will take place around the 6-9 month mark.

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