Jake Shields Calls Out Mayhem Miller

Written by Tim Ngo
September 3rd, 2009

Jake Shields

Strikeforce welterweight/middleweight Jake Shields is not happy about recent comments made by “Bully Beatdown” star Jason Miller. During a recent interview Miller had some not so nice things to say about Shields, who he is rumored to be fighting in November. “Dude, I will beat the piss out of Jake Shields, and he knows it. If everyone thinks I’m gonna lose, that’s fine.” Miller said.

We first broke the story when a source close to the Miller camp informed us that he had already signed the bout agreement to face off against Shields in October, but with the signing of Fedor Emelianenko, it makes sense that the bout would be pushed back to November to support Emelianenko’s Strikefore debut against Brett Rogers.

Here’s a the full excerpt from what Miller had to say about Shields during his interview with our friends over at CagePotato:

“Dude, I will beat the piss out of Jake Shields, and he knows it. If everyone thinks I’m gonna lose, that’s fine. I’ll prove them wrong when we get in the cage against each other. I do everything better than him, and I’m bigger than him and stronger than him! I don’t understand, people think that because he stomped out some 170-pounders and caught Robbie Lawler in a damn guillotine, that all of a sudden he’s the second coming of Christ. Well guess what, dude? I’m gonna smash him. When I fight him, I’ll smash him.”

An upset Shields took the time to respond to Miller’s comments and call him out for not signing on to face him. Here’s what Shields had to say on GracieFigher:

“He’ll beat the piss out of me..? He’s the one that won’t sign the contract. I would sign that fight tonight but he just wants to talk and act tough, but he’s the one that won’t sign. His manager tells us the fight is on, Miller has agreed and then I’m hearing he’s decided he can’t fight in October but would maybe do it in December.

He thinks he’s a star now but just like the show I was the only one doing the fighting while he just did the talking. He must think he’s Cung Le now.”

Let’s hope that a bout is signed between Miller and Shields as it would provide a legitimate co-main event fight to hype up the Fedor/Rogers card.

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