Georges St-Pierre ‘Despises’ Media Obligations, So Nick Diaz Better Be Doing It Too

Written by Tom Ngo
March 1st, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

Nick Diaz skipping pre-fight promotional activities is old hat. What also isn’t new is that UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre (pictured) is tired of talking to the media and is upset Diaz doesn’t have to partake in the same torture.  

“It’s not fair. I lose my time doing this. I don’t like doing this,” St-Pierre stated after Thursday’s media workout at TriStar Gym in Montreal. “I’m talking to you guys, seriously, I despise it. I like you guys, but I don’t like doing this. It’s not you that I don’t like, but basically, for people who know me, I’ve been repeating the same thing 50 times every week. It’s like a computer in my head.

“I don’t like it, but it’s part of my job. Every job is not perfect and I have to do it. He has to do the same. Otherwise, it’s not fair.”

Everybody thought Diaz had turned a new leaf because he was on his best behavior during January’s press conference in Canada to promote his UFC 158 shootout with St-Pierre. However, UFC president Dana White subsequently revealed Diaz skipped three interviews for their “Countdown” show that cost the company over $50,000.

White professed he was “really close” to yanking Diaz from the title fight because of his antics – just as White did when he pulled Diaz from UFC 137 for skipping back-to-back pressers to promote that scrap with GSP.

With showtime just 15 days away, St-Pierre believes their blockbuster bout will go on as planned. Diaz has far too much to lose, including a hefty payday.

“No, we have to go and do the fight,” St-Pierre said of the UFC possibly removing Diaz. “It’s unbelievable. He has to do [the media stuff]. He’s gonna do it. He has to do it, it’s the chance of his life.

“He’s gonna make a lot of money, he’s got to do it. I can’t think about him not doing it.”

UFC 158 takes place March 16 inside Bell Centre in Montreal.

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