Georges St-Pierre Dominates Nick Diaz at UFC 158

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
March 16th, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

A welterweight title tilt between champion Georges St-Pierre (pictured) and bitter rival Nick Diaz headlined UFC 158 on Saturday night.

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Bell Centre in Montreal hosted tonight’s festivities.

Betting Line:

Favorite (-) Underdog (+)

Nick Diaz +350
Georges St-Pierre -500

Here is the play-by-play from St-Pierre vs. Diaz:

1stRound: Yves Lavigne is the third man inside the Octagon. Diaz stalked GSP as the champ entered the cage and had to be pushed back to his corner. No touch of gloves. Shocker…. Another shocker, GSP plants Diaz on his back within seconds. Diaz is active from the bottom, but GSP is smothering him. “Rush” jumps on his back. GSP methodically working his ground attack, while Diaz is looking for whatever submissions he can get. Diaz eating some short elbows. Diaz fights to his feet, though gets dragged right back down. GSP slams Mr. 209 to the ground. Diaz tries to go after GSP after the round ends. Um, you just had five minutes to do that and another 20 to try…

5thRound scores it: GSP, 10-9

2ndRound: And just like that, Diaz is staring up at the Bell Centre ceiling again. GSP takes his back and unloads a knee to the side. Shots to Diaz’s dome. Diaz works him back to his full guard. Diaz gets to his feet. He’s taunting the champ and eats a Superman punch. GSP is clearly the quicker and more explosive striker. Diaz mad dogging GSP as the round ends.

5thRound scores it: GSP, 10-9

3rdRound: GSP unloads a front kick. Diaz is talking mad smack to get the champ out of his game. GSP continues his assault. Nice left hook by GSP. Diaz thwarts a takedown. But not the second time. Diaz gets to his feet. GSP connects with two unanswered jabs. Diaz finally scores with a body shot. Solid leg kick by Diaz. GSP is really finding a home for his jab, and it’s Diaz’s face. Straight right hand by GSP. Diaz stuffs his third takedown. Diaz is landing big punches. GSP wrestles his rival to the mat. GSP is bleeding from his nose. Diaz takes a swing at GSP from off his back after the bell rang. Lavigne warns Diaz he’ll be disqualified the next time.

5thRound scores it: GSP, 10-9

4thRound: Three long left jabs to start the fourth stanza by GSP. Diaz answers with a right. Diaz stuffs another takedown. Diaz’s takedown D has gotten much better as the fight has progressed. Diaz landing knees to the body while in the clinch. Diaz clocks him with a combo as they separate. GSP leads him to the ground with two minutes remaining. Diaz’s left eye is jacked. He gets to his feet for a moment, but is slammed back down. Diaz going for a kimura to no avail.

5thRound scores it: GSP, 10-9

5thRound: GSP’s jabs are sharp tonight. Diaz answers with a left of his own. GSP connects with some knees in the clinch. Diaz has him pressed against the fence. GSP secures another takedown. He’s draped all over Diaz’s back. They get to their feet for a moment, but one last powerful shot has Diaz on his back once again.

5thRound scores it: GSP, 10-9, and runs the table, 50-45

Official Result:

Georges St-Pierre Defeats Nick Diaz via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) (St-Pierre retains UFC welterweight title)

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