Controversy Surrounds Georges St-Pierre’s Hand Wraps at UFC 158

Written by Tom Ngo
March 17th, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

Press row became a tad bit distracted Saturday night during UFC 158‘s thrilling co-main event between Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit. The drama began when Jake Shields posted a vague tweet after examining Georges St-Pierre’s (pictured) hand wraps on behalf of Nick Diaz.

“I just checked GSP’s gloves and the wrap looked shady…now commission won’t let me back. Been trying to for the past 30 minutes…. Not saying he’s cheating but wtf?!” Shields wrote.

Before a bout, it is customary to have a fighter’s representative examine the tape job of an opponent alongside a supervisor from the athletic commission. Shields was that man for Diaz prior to last night’s featured attraction.

The controversy was much ado about nothing if you were to ask UFC president Dana White.

“So what happened was, Jake Shields was the one who sat in on the hand wrap,” White said at the post-fight press conference. “After they wrap [St-Pierre’s] hands, Jake Shields said, ‘Cool, see you later.’ And then they came back later and said they wanted another guy to look at the hand wraps and the commission said, ‘You already did the hand wraps. He’s gloved up. It’s over.’

“So then they started to freak out. But everything was taken care of. Then as soon as the fight was over, both hand wraps were cut off, put into bags and given to the commission.”

For St-Pierre, he simply chalked it up to a last-ditch effort by Diaz to mess with his noggin.

“Just before the fight, they send some guy to check my hand wrap,” St-Pierre expressed. “It was going back and forth, they were yelling in my locker room. Everything was about head games.

“It was crazy. First time someone played a lot of head games like this with me.”

While White and GSP tried to put hand wrap gate to bed, Diaz insinuated there might have been something funky with “Rush’s” wraps.

“This guy has no punching power, no offense. I’m sorry, you’re a wrestler,” Diaz stated. “I got hit with an elbow too, that didn’t cut me, but something hit me right here (pointing to left eye).

“Jake said he had an issue with his wraps. Maybe something was wrong with his wraps, I don’t know. I ain’t gonna accuse him of anything. I did get hit with one shot that didn’t feel like it was hard, it still opened a cut on my head.”

And there you have it… 

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