Huerta Learns that Old Habits Die Hard

Written by Tom Ngo
August 17th, 2008

Entering the biggest fight of his MMA career, Roger Huerta fell far short of performing as he is accustomed to. Knowing that a win over Kenny Florian would have put him in a title fight in his next UFC bout, Huerta reverted back to his old, undisciplined style, and now finds himself searching for answers. In MMA, patience is a virtue, and sometimes you just have to wait for opportunities instead of forcing them.

“I have to give props to Kenny,” Huerta said. “He fought a good game plan and he fought a very technical fight. We came in there and I was doing good things in the 1stRound; fighting really good technical wise. But, (I) went back to my old habits and started trying to chase him down and he just started picking me apart from there.”

Huerta’s rough childhood was well documented coming into the fight. The physical abuse and gang life that helped toughen him up as a youngster, came back to haunt him on Saturday night at UFC 87. He tried to make an MMA bout it into a street fight. Florian, on the other hand, was patient and chose to technically pick Huerta apart.

“Being the stubborn kid that I am I guess, I gotta give him props,” stated the somber Huerta. “(He) fought very technical. I had a lot of energy. Kenny just fought a really really good fight. (He) fought a really good technical fight, and those are things I gotta go back and see the mistakes that I did.”

Sure Huerta came up a little short this time around, but at 20-2-1, he really doesn’t have that much to be ashamed of. In addition to that, he is only 25 years old and is far from being in the prime of his career. He knows that he will grow from his experience as long as he channels it in the right direction. And, based on his post fight statements, he will do just that.

“I gotta train with the guys that I’ve been training with, cause they help me improve a lot still,” he said. “I think that I improved a lot from my past fights. I gotta go back and do that again. I just gotta go back and train with the guys I was training with. I’m going to learn off of this and come back stronger.”

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