UFC Fines Anderson Silva $50,000 for No-Show

Written by Tom Ngo
May 6th, 2013

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva

Apparently, UFC welterweight Nick Diaz isn’t the only fighter not interested in attending pre-fight promotional activities. Reigning middleweight king Anderson Silva (pictured) was scheduled to speak with Los Angeles’ largest media outlets Tuesday to discuss his UFC 162 scrap against Chris Weidman, but instead opted to skip the press junkets in favor of flying back home to Brazil.

UFC president Dana White told USAToday the organization has fined Silva $50,000 for his no-show.

“We had a full media day set up for him in Los Angeles, and he just decided he didn’t want to do it, so he’s being fined $50,000,” White stated. “He doesn’t like talking to the media, but it’s part of his contractual obligation.

“Everybody wants more money, more money, more money, but nobody wants to sell the fight or go out and talk to the media. Talking to the media is part of your job, whether you like it or not.”

Today’s press tour was to coincide with UFC 162 tickets hitting the box office later this week.

Diaz famously ditched back-to-back UFC 137 pre-fight press conferences to promote a blockbuster bout with welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. White abruptly yanked Diaz from the shootout and replaced him with Carlos Condit.

White said he’s not planning on pulling the same move with “The Spider.”

“Nick Diaz didn’t show up for the press conference,” White added. “This was just a smaller media day, but it’s still not acceptable, so we’re fining him $50,000.”

UFC 162 takes place July 6 inside inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Silva and Weidman headline the pay-per-view broadcast.

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