Eddie Alvarez Releases Pics of Wording Change in Bellator Contract

Written by Tom Ngo
May 13th, 2013

Bellator Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez (pictured) completed his contractual obligations with Bellator MMA to become the sport’s hottest free agent after posterizing Patricky Freire in October. He was immediately offered a contract to join the UFC, which he agreed upon, but still hasn’t fought in the Octagon because he’s too busy battling Bellator inside a courtroom.

In a nutshell, if Alvarez was in the NBA, he’d be considered a restricted free agent. Therefore, Bellator has the right to match any contract, term for term, Alvarez accepts from a rival promotion. However, the UFC gave Alvarez a deal where he would be compensated a pay-per-view percentage on cards he competes for the title in. How can Bellator match that, term for term, when they have never offered a PPV show in their four-year existence?

If you need a legal recap for dummies on what’s going on between Alvarez and Bellator, please click HERE.

Alvarez has been claiming over Twitter that Bellator lied in court and changed the wording in their original contract. He recently posted two copies of his release letter from Bellator spotlighting the discrepancy.

“match the MATERIAL terms of the offer” vs. “match the terms of the offer” (courtesy of MiddleEasy):

In the meantime, the legal battle rages on with no end in sight.

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