Dana White Blasts Rory MacDonald for Lackluster Win

Written by Tom Ngo
July 27th, 2013

UFC Rory MacDonald

Imagine living in a world where collecting your fifth straight win warrants a public tongue lashing from your boss for a lackluster performance. Welcome to Rory MacDonald’s (pictured) life.

MacDonald’s critical fight against fellow welterweight up-and-comer Jake Ellenberger served as Saturday’s co-main event, but that was the scrap nearly everyone was most excited to see on the card. 

If the boos that rained down throughout the arena weren’t indicative of how boring their 15-minute affair was, UFC president Dana White was more than willing to fill in the blanks.

“That fight sucked so bad, and it was a fight that had so much heat on it,” White said following tonight’s post-fight press conference. “It was a very important fight. Go out there and let people know who you are. Have people talking about you tomorrow.

“Ellenberger did nothing, and he told [MacDonald], ‘You don’t belong in the top 10.’ [MacDonald] went out and bullied BJ [Penn] because he knew he could. He didn’t try to bully Ellenberger. Don’t talk all this [expletive] and don’t go in there and try to perform. I don’t think [MacDonald] did anything. He threw a few jabs and some front kicks, that’s it. I don’t think he moved down the ladder, but you think anybody’s screaming to see him in a fight again?”

Although MacDonald is only 24 years old, White reiterated how small of a window professional athletes have to build their legacies. According to White, forget the fact that “Ares” bumped his resume to an impressive 15-1 mark, his performance was unimpressive at best.

Fighters are only as good as their last fight, and White thinks MacDonald didn’t seize the opportunity.

“My Twitter was insane tonight with people going crazy over [how boring their fight was], because people don’t tolerate that [expletive] anymore,” White added. “If people are going to stay home on a Saturday, especially if they are gonna spend money, you better fight.

“Tonight was the night, an important night everybody was excited for. So, if you’re Rory and you’re that good and that talented, then you impose your will on him and you show the world, ‘Not only do I belong in the top 5, I should be fighting [UFC welterweight champ] Georges St-Pierre.’ He should have people screaming for him to fight Georges St-Pierre.”

Clearly, a win is no longer a win in White’s book.

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