UFC Champ Jose Aldo Supports TRT Use

Written by Tom Ngo
August 12th, 2013

UFC Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo (pictured) not only supports the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), but the reigning UFC featherweight king would also take the controversial treatment himself if needed.

“I see no problem in using TRT, all use [steroids], from the beginner to champion,” Aldo told Tatame.com (via Google Translate). “I think only in our gym nobody does it because [Nova União coach Dede Pederneiras] has always been against using any steroids. I think it’s wrong to criticize those who take TRT.”

While Vitor Belfort has come under heavy fire for his use of TRT, Aldo isn’t prepared to call his Brazilian brother a cheat because Belfort has claimed he stays within the legal limits since beginning the regimen three fights ago. However, it should be noted “The Phenom” flunked a drug test in 2006 for elevated levels of testosterone.

Speaking of [alleged] dirty fighters, Aldo goes on to accuse former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Randy Couture of using performance-enhancing substances en route to entering the UFC Hall of Fame – despite the fact “The Natural” never failed a drug exam during his illustrious 14-year career.

“Americans have always used,” Aldo stated. “Randy Couture fought until he was almost 50 years old, and you will tell me that the guy was pure? If the doctor gives you a prescription and you are within the limit, I do not see any problem. If I ever need to, I will use the TRT, too.”

Aldo, who is just 26 years old, owns an impressive 23-1 résumé. He TKO’d “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung earlier this month to notch his fifth successful UFC title defense.

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