Elite May Strip Noons of Title

Written by Tom Ngo
August 22nd, 2008

EliteXC Executive Vice President, Jared Shaw, stated that he and EliteXC management is not against stripping current lightweight champion KJ Noons of his title. Noons has been offered a rematch against Nick Diaz, who EliteXC feels is the top contender, however Noons has failed to return numerous calls from the organization.

“I would never rule out that possibility,” Shaw stated when 5ouncesofpain.com asked if they would consider stripping Noons.

EliteXC brass have desperately tried to get Noons to agree to the rematch for their third promotion on CBS on October 4th. However, Noons and his camp could not be any more disinterested, even at the expense of gaining much needed exposure for the young fighter.

“I don’t understand it,” Shaw frustratingly stated. “This fight on CBS is maximum exposure and the opportunity for maximum sponsorship dollars, way more than he could make on Showtime. At this point, I question his management.”

Shaw laid down a 24-hour ultimatum to the champion, which expired yesterday at 5PM PST, for Noons to either accept the fight, or reject it and face puclic scorn. Noons’ manager, Mark Dion fearlessly fired back at Shaw and EliteXC.

“Forget 5 o’clock,” Dion said. “I ain’t waiting until 5 o’clock. If [EliteXC officials] are holding their breath, then someone’s going to pass out.”

Although Noons’ representation may be talking tough, they do need to keep in mind that EliteXC is their employer, and at the end of the day, it is their call when Noons will fight again. And according to Shaw, sitting him may be their way at punishing him.

“I would say the only guarantee K.J. has is to pull up a chair and watch the event and get comfortable on that chair because he’ll be sitting for a little bit,” Shaw stated.

Noons shocked the MMA world over nine months ago when he beat Diaz to win the title via TKO stoppage. Noons’ only bout since his victory came in an impressive 1stRound TKO of UFC veteran Yves Edwards at “Return of the King” in June.

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