Junie Browning Has Arrest Warrant For Missing Court Appearance

Written by Tom Ngo
November 13th, 2009

KVVU Las Vegas is reporting that former UFC fighter Junie Browning has a warrant out for his arrest after missing a scheduled court appearance stemming from his arrest last month. The media outlet attempted to contact him on his cell phone, however his outgoing voicemail simply unleashes a profane tirade.

However, he did take the time to update his Facebook account and explain why he missed his court date:

ha ha! just an accident! i thought my court date wasnt untill dec. but im getting it taken care of this week! untill then im on the run! fuck fuck fuck the police! o! and when i made that comment about killing that guy at the hospital and rapein his family they failed to mention why i said that. the male nurse punched …me in the face while I was in restraints like a bitch! so then i said that to him. As you can tell from the pic! and i never hit anyone at the hospital! i was just pushing them away because they were trying to restrain me

Since appearing on “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 8, Browning has gone 1-1 inside the cage. He defeated fellow castmate Dave Kaplan before losing to Cole Miller this past April.

The troubled fighter was arrested in October for assaulting hospital nurses who were attempting to assist him after he unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide. Word was that the emotional slugger was involved in a messy breakup with his former girlfriend.

In what was a surprise to nobody, Browning was immediately released from the UFC following his arrest.

Browning currently faces three counts of battery. We’ll have more details on this story as they arrive.

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