Anderson Silva Will Not Return in 2014

Written by Tom Ngo
March 20th, 2014

UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva

Former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva (pictured) might be shocking his doctor with how quickly his broken left shin is coming along, which had UFC president Dana White suggesting Silva could be back in action by the end of the year, but “The Spider” says 2014 is a wrap for him.

“These rumors that I’ll fight at UFC 181 or any other event around that date aren’t true,” Silva told Brazilian outlet Combate (translated by MMAFighting). “This year is over for me. There’s a chance I’ll fight in the first half of 2015.”

Silva suffered one of the most horrific injuries in MMA when Chris Weidman checked his kick in December’s highly anticipated rematch. Silva’s shin instantly snapped in two and he was carried off backstage on a stretcher.

While some believe Silva would earn a trilogy against Weidman after notching a win or two after his return, despite being down 0-2 to Weidman, the soon-to-be 39-year-old admits that sitting atop the middleweight throne that he dominated for so long might never happen again.

“Anderson’s phase as the champion is over,” Silva said while referring to himself in the third-person. “Fighting for [the title] is a little far away from me.”

With an injury as horrendous as Silva suffered, his advanced age and nothing left to prove in a sport where he’s the UFC’s most decorated champion, most want the Brazilian to call it a career – an illustrious one, at that – including his family. However, Silva isn’t quite ready for his swan song to play.

“I don’t see myself stopping [right now], but I don’t know if I will fulfill my 10-fight contract,” Silva said in closing. “My family has been asking me for years to stop fighting, and they need to understand that this is what I love to do and that I need to have my time.

“My goal in the sport was to become a reference in this sport, and I’m achieving this.”

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