Jose Aldo Fires Back at Chad Mendes, Questions ‘Supplements’ Challenger Takes

Written by Tom Ngo
July 12th, 2014

UFC WEC Jose Aldo

Chad Mendes fired the first shot when he suggested reigning UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo (pictured) was “fragile” after pulling out of their UFC 176 fight – the third time Aldo has been forced to withdraw from a UFC title defense due to injury.

Mendes’ words didn’t get lost in translation, as it appears Aldo heard them loud and clear. The Brazilian countered with an open letter in Combate.com.

The biggest take from Aldo’s address is that he suggests there’s something fishy in the “supplements” Mendes consumes. Mendes has posted a 16-1 professional record over his six-year career. His only blemish came when he blocked Aldo’s knee with his face at UFC 142, rendering “Money” unconscious on the canvas.

Mendes has never flunked a drug test.

The rematch was set to go down at UFC 176 on August 2, but Aldo pulled out after recently injuring his neck and shoulder. The UFC his hoping to reschedule the tango for later this year, possibly in October.

Here is Aldo’s complete message to Mendes (translated by MMAJunkie):

“I learned about the statements by Chad Mendes, and I have some doubts and questions for him. Regarding running away from him, I can only assume he’s calling me a coward. And that’s something that’s outside the realm of our sport of MMA. Which is why I will say this to him: you don’t know where I was born, what I went through to still be alive today, and where I came from. And seem to know next to nothing about my MMA career. But that’s OK; I’m guessing you might be a little confused.

I saw a statement in which you thought it was disrespectful for me to jump into the arms of my fans after knocking you out in Brazil. But wasn’t it you who, one week before calling me disrespectful, said that perhaps this time you’ll be the one running into the crowd as I did in Rio?

Concerning my injuries, maybe I have so many because I’m probably not taking the same ‘supplements’ you take. I have injuries because I work very hard to beat your ass as I did last time. And I think you remember well, and have nightmares about it to this day. I did all the necessary medical tests, but if now you are also a doctor, I can send the exams for you to evaluate. Maybe you could prescribe one of your supplements for me to get better faster?

Regarding how long I’ll stay idle, it is the doctors who will decide. He who gets beat up usually runs to avoid it a second time, but it’s no use running because I’m coming after you. Until the octagon gate slams shut, you can say whatever you want, because when it’s all said and done you won’t be able to open your mouth. So keep talking while you still can. And are you in charge of where I get to fight now? If that’s not the case, I don’t think Dana White would like seeing someone make decisions on his behalf.

Also I heard talk that you’d even fight for an interim belt. I guess you don’t want to wait for me, but that doesn’t make much sense because (Anthony) Pettis hasn’t fought since August of last year, due to injury, and we haven’t seen an interim lightweight belt. Cain (Velasquez) hasn’t fought since last October, and will only fight again in November. And as you well know, I already fought this year, in February (I beat Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169). There are still many months left until the end of this year and, even then, it would be less time than both Pettis and Cain have been inactive.

You seem most eager to only fight at home, and you refuse to fight me in Brazil. I got injured in Brazil before facing Frankie (Edgar) and I still went to Las Vegas to fight. I already fought there in your home (Sacramento) against your teacher (Urijah Faber); I fought in (Mark) Hominick ‘s home in front of 55,000 people; I fought in Japan, and in Europe. And you’re saying that you will be champion? A champion does not choose opponents or locations, so now I ask you who is the real COWARD?”

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