Former UFC fighter Josh Neer Viciously Mauls Facebook Heckler (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
February 24th, 2015

UFC Lightweight Josh Neer

If this highly disturbing video doesn’t make you keyboard warriors think twice the next time you want to thumb out insults from behind the safe haven of your computer screen, then nothing will.

Former UFC fighter Josh Neer (pictured) posted a video on his YouTube page Monday of him assaulting a man allegedly named Patrick Martin who had been heckling him on Facebook. Neer told BloodyElbow.com he saw Martin’s numerous posts, but ignored them.

However, Neer reached his tipping point after Martin supposedly sent 10 hostile messages on Saturday. Neer challenged Martin to come to his gym Monday to settle things.

Martin decided to take Neer up on his offer, then was served up a violent and unnecessary mauling.

Sure, sports fans can be complete imbeciles at times, but what Neer did to this untrained human is nothing short of disgusting. Regardless of what Martin could have possibly wrote to Neer, it didn’t warrant countless elbows to the head and a kick to the face from a trained fighter while apparently unconscious on the canvas.

Neer removed the video shortly after posting it, which shows that he must know he could be in for some legal trouble. Too bad nothing is ever truly deleted on the Internet, because TMZ was able to load it onto their media player before Neer took the footage down.

Neer has over 50 professional fights under his belt. He fought for the UFC on several occasions.

Please click the media player below to watch the assault:

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