X-Ray Of Jose Aldo’s Fractured Rib Released (Pic)

Written by Tom Ngo
July 1st, 2015


The American doctor who examined and cleared reigning featherweight champion Jose Aldo to defend his throne against Conor McGregor at UFC 189 needs to have his license revoked.

He claimed Aldo didn’t suffer a broken rib, as the original Brazilian doctor had diagnosed, but merely had a bruised rib and cartilage damage.

Well, Brazilian MMA reporter Ana Hissa has just posted a picture of the X-rays of Aldo’s ribs, and while I’m no doctor, his rib sure looks fractured to me.

Hey, American doctor. Please check out what the green arrow is pointing to!

Since pulling out of the bout that would have scored Aldo the biggest payday of his professional career, McGregor has taken every opportunity to bash his bitter rival for exiting stage left due to a minor owie. Well, picture or it didn’t happen.

“The decision was taken in respect of fans and the UFC, who now consider me the best fighter pound-for-weight world,” Aldo told Globo. “I could not fight without having 100 percent of my physical condition. Many people told me to fight anyway, due to the money that I could win, but I wouldn’t sell myself, no matter what it may be.

“I fight for love of what I do and for my country.”

Aldo did not say how long he’ll be forced to ride the pine.

McGregor now meets Chad Mendes for the vacant interim featherweight title at UFC 189. Aldo refuses to acknowledge the manufactured belt as legitimate. It’s simply a replica that you can buy on UFC.com for $449.95, as far as Aldo is concerned.

“The Octagon is my kingdom and there is only room for a king – it’s me,” Aldo said. “If he wants to participate, you have to be the court jester.

“If you beat Chad Mendes, the only thing you’ll have is a toy belt to show friends, drunk in the bars of his country, because that’s what an interim title is for me – a toy. The champion is me.”

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