Bethe Correia Convinced She’ll Beat Ronda Rousey At UFC 190, Has She Convinced You?

Written by Tom Ngo
July 31st, 2015

UFC Bethe Correia

Somebody needs to tell Bethe Correia (pictured) that she is a whopping 8-1 underdog against reigning UFC bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey, because she’s certainly not acting like it.

Correia is talking and walking like she has access to top secret information that Rousey’s previous 10 opponents (Miesha Tate twice) weren’t privy to. The chatty Brazilian believes she has cracked the code to dethroning the UFC’s golden girl.

Following Thursday’s UFC 190 media day, Correia marched towards Rousey for their face-off. Not only did she stare directly into Rousey’s red hot laser beam eyes, but she dared to smack talk “Rowdy” just inches from her face.

To Rousey’s credit, she stood there like a stone cold assassin and didn’t even blink.

Regardless, nobody has acted this confident against the only women’s 135-pound champ the UFC has ever known. At least nobody who is contractually obligated to step into the octagon against the armbar bandit.

Nobody on this side of sanity believes Correia will serve up an upset special on Saturday, not even her fellow Brazilians who have bombarded Rousey with nothing but love at every UFC 190 junket this week.

At 32 years of age and owning a perfect 9-0 professional record, it’s not as though Correia is some random chick off the street. She has the credentials to stand opposite Rousey for the belt, but where is this extra bravado coming from?

Seven of Correia’s wins have come from the judges’ scorecards, while only Tate has lasted past the first round against Rousey. If Correia has discovered the magic formula to dethroning Rousey, she better unveil it quickly at UFC 190 because chances are she has less than five minutes to pull the rabbit out of her hat.

Everybody thinks Correia is crazy for thinking she can beat Rousey, and maybe she is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

It will cost you only $59.95 to see for yourself.

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