Immediate Rematch For Ronda Rousey But Not Jose Aldo?

Written by Tom Ngo
December 14th, 2015

UFC Jose Aldo

When Jose Aldo (pictured) awoke from his unexpected nap at UFC 194, he discovered that it only took Conor McGregor 13 seconds to steal his featherweight title.

Aldo’s 18-fight winning streak was gone. It marked the Brazilian’s first defeat in over a decade.

Aldo was the only featherweight champion the UFC had ever known, successfully defending his throne seven times. He also had two successful title defenses in the WEC prior to getting promoted to UFC champ in 2011.

So, why has the possibility of an immediate rematch with McGregor not been mentioned by anyone but Aldo? As it currently stands, McGregor’s two options are to put his freshly-minted unified belt on the line against Frankie Edgar or vacate the strap and get an instant crack at the UFC lightweight crown.

Aldo got clipped with one perfectly timed left hook and it was lights out. What happened to the days when UFC president Dana White defended his aging BFF Chuck Liddell by trying to blow off a vicious knockout loss by stating, “He just got caught”?

Isn’t that exactly what happened to Aldo? So why doesn’t he get a mulligan considering he’s the most decorated featherweight in MMA history? It’s not as though Aldo was dominated in every aspect of the game round after round.

Speaking of thorough annihilations, former UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is getting an immediate rematch with Holly Holm after looking absolutely silly for almost six minutes before getting posterized with a head kick KO.

Rousey vs. Holm pulled massive pay-per-view numbers for the UFC, and Aldo vs. McGregor is promised to do the same. UFC 194 even set a company live gate record at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with $10.1 million. So if Holm vs. Rousey II makes sense financially, so does does McGregor vs. Aldo II.

So, why is Aldo not an option for McGregor’s first title defense after “getting caught” and Rousey is gifted one after getting thoroughly trounced?

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones believes Aldo should get an instant sequel.

“If Rousey is granted an immediate rematch I would expect the same treatment for Aldo. It only seems right,” Jones tweeted.

For starters, it’s no secret White loves him some Ronda Rousey. So, whatever Rousey wants, Rousey gets. She was also the biggest superstar in UFC history before Holm unexpectedly brought her back down to earth.

Furthermore, Rousey has always been a company woman – anyone, any time, any place. She’s never said no to White, and White has never forgotten it.

Aldo, on the other hand, has publicly blasted the UFC on several occasions over fighter pay and their ridiculous Reebok sponsorship deal. Injuries have also forced him out of several title defenses that have left the UFC scrambling to reshuffle lineups.

While we’re on the subject, remember when Aldo pulled out of his originally scheduled UFC 189 showdown with McGregor with a rib injury after the UFC spent millions in pre-fight promotion? White claimed it was a mere bruise and he could have fought, then Aldo produced an x-ray proving his rib was actually broken. White later tried to slander Aldo’s name by claiming the x-ray Aldo released was of a previous injury.

That controversy has been conveniently swept under the rug by the UFC, but best believe there are still bitter feelings there – on both sides.

Considering White essentially has final say on everything UFC, and you’re sorely mistaken if you think White doesn’t hold grudges, that’s why Rousey will likely be rematching Holm at UFC 200 in July and Aldo will be…

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