Donald Cerrone Risks Standing With UFC After Pay Rant

Written by Tom Ngo
June 20th, 2016

UFC Donald Cerrone

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone (pictured) has always been the ultimate company man – until Saturday.

Cerrone has built a reputation off being the consummate anyone, anywhere, any time fighter. Need a last-minute replacement? No problem. “Cowboy” is always more than happy to throw his name in the cowboy hat.

And if a title isn’t on the line, where Cerrone has gone 0-4 in championship affairs between the UFC and WEC during his 10-year career, he always brings the heat that his bosses love.

What the UFC head honchos didn’t love was what Cerrone said, unprovoked, after he TKO’d Patrick Cote in UFC Fight Night 89’s co-main event.

“God, that all sounds nice,” Cerrone said after a reporter rattled off some of Cerrone’s accomplishments. “According to my pay, I don’t mean sh*t to the UFC. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll talk to [UFC president] Dana [White] after this and see if we can figure that out.”

MMA has funded Cerrone’s wild lifestyle. The 33-year-old has admitted in the past that he blows his entire fight check to feed his adventurous addiction. It appears that after 21 UFC fights, Cerrone has finally decided he doesn’t like the numbers he sees on his paycheck given the numbers he’s posted inside the cage.

In his last outing, Cerrone pocketed $79,000 to show and another $79,000 to win by beating beat Alex Oliveira. He scored an extra $50,000 for “Performance of the Night” honors, because that’s what Cerrone does. He leads the UFC/WEC in fight night bonuses with 17. Cerrone also sits atop the list for finishes with 15.

Cerrone is a fighter’s fighter if there ever was one, and now he wants to be paid like a prize fighter. However, publicly putting his bosses on blast might not have been the best way of going about it.

Despite his company man attitude, Cerrone may now find himself in Dana White’s infamous doghouse. At least the expenses shouldn’t be too high there.

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