Nick Diaz Proves There’s Method Behind His Madness

Written by Tom Ngo
August 2nd, 2016

UFC Nick Diaz

Controversial UFC star Nick Diaz (pictured) has proven once again that he is crazy – crazy like a fox.

Fresh off an 18-month marijuana suspension, his third weed ban in the last eight years, Diaz says he’s ready, but not eager, to return to the cage and make a living. The only problem is, Diaz claims there aren’t currently any superstars big enough to warrant a fight against him, even freshly-minted UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley who offered Diaz first crack at his crown after knocking out Robbie Lawler Saturday at UFC 201.

“We’re going to have to see, sit down and have a look at what fans want to see,” Diaz told ESPN.com. “I’m on top right now. I’m on top of this game. There ain’t no ‘giving’ me a shot. I’m giving somebody a shot. If anybody’s getting a shot, somebody’s getting a shot against me, because I’m the guy to beat. These guys aren’t doing any money fighting each other, and until they do some money fighting each other, I’m not interested. I’m looking for the right guy to make the right show, do the right numbers. Then we can talk.

“We’ll see. I have to talk about these things. I’m not trying to do any ‘what I’m going to do, what I’m not going to do’ through the media. I’m just here to say, ‘Look, I’m not suspended no more.’ These guys are talking about me, asking how I feel about it — I could care less. What are you guys gonna do for me? I can’t help you. You can’t help yourself. You need to go help yourself. Maybe after you do that, we can have some sort of deal.”

Oh, where to begin? Let’s start with Diaz’s second sentence where he professes to be “on top right now.” Diaz must be dazed and confused and accidentally referred to himself instead of younger brother, Nate Diaz, who shocked the MMA world by submitting UFC golden child Conor McGregor in March.

Because Nick hasn’t posted a victory since battering a past-his-prime BJ Penn at UFC 137 in October 2011. If by being “on top” means that he’s 0-2 in UFC title tilts since beating Penn, then yes, Nick is in fact “on top.”

However, once you skip past Diaz’s second sentence, a lot of what he says makes plenty of sense. You know, that whole crazy like a fox thing I mentioned in the opening.

Diaz isn’t the guy to beat, but he is definitely one of the guys to fight if you’re looking to score a nice payday. Nick, and now Nate, has always had that je ne sais quoi about him that attracted fans by the droves. Diaz is as must-see TV as it gets in MMA.

Some of that has to do with his walk, but a lot has to do with his talk.

So he’s right, even though Woodley does don the UFC hardware, Diaz would be the main attraction in a potential shootout. Even Woodley admitted Diaz is the one who “puts butts in seats.”

Diaz is also correct in stating, that outside of a handful of fighters, they need him more than he needs them.

“I don’t need none of this s—,” Diaz said. “I walk around, people know who I am. I’ve got friends. I can make ends meet. I grew up around people who have been hustling from the start, so I think I’ve got a bright little future ahead of me, especially if I don’t fight. Why would I want to go out there and fight with somebody, get my face punched and kicked. It’s not my idea of a good time.”

What is a good time for Diaz is cashing big checks. The only problem is there isn’t a big enough name out there for Diaz to fight – that is, if you were to ask him.

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