The Fast Fall Of Holly Holm’s MMA Career

Written by Tom Ngo
February 13th, 2017

UFC Holly Holm

Fifteen months ago, Holly Holm (pictured) turned the MMA world on its head when she kicked Ronda Rousey in her head to score a shocking knockout victory to capture the UFC bantamweight title from the woman Sports Illustrated had dubbed “The World’s Most Dominant Athlete” just six months prior.

Holm couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to hit a perfect 10-0 record to ignite her MMA career.

Holm instantly propelled herself into the mainstream, as the UFC promptly used their powerful marketing machine to plaster her face in front of every possible camera and microphone across the nation.

Her hometown of Albuquerque held a massive rally to welcome home their queen.

Fast forward just 15 short months and Holm has dropped three straight scraps en route to losing her bantamweight title, and as of two days ago, lose to Germaine de Randamie to become the UFC’s inaugural women’s featherweight champion.

Remember when the UFC typically fired fighters for running the reverse trifecta?

Luckily for Holm, she won’t be in the unemployment line anytime soon. That’s mainly because it would make Rousey, the UFC’s former golden girl, look even worse for getting humiliated by someone who was canned from the promotion just three fights later. And, the UFC needs depth and big names in order to build their new 145-pound weight class.

The good news ends there for Holm, however. She’s 35 and most likely won’t sniff another UFC title shot again given the way her MMA career has abruptly torpedoed. The saddest part of all is that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more humble person.

After posterizing Rousey, Jon Jones, Donald Cerrone and many of her fellow Jackson/Wink teammates celebrated as if they had just captured a UFC title. They were that genuinely happy for her because nobody deserved it more.

It’s hard not to wonder if Holm doesn’t look back on the closing minutes of her first title defense against Miesha Tate. Many believe Holm was on the way to a decision victory until inexplicably going for a takedown in the waning ticks. Tate took her back after a scramble and slapped on a rear-naked choke that rendered Holm unconscious on the canvas.

When Holm awoke, her belt was getting wrapped around Tate’s waist. Little did Holm know, that mistake marked the beginning of the end of her MMA career.

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