Dana White Releases Controversial Video Of Conor McGregor Knockdown

Written by Tom Ngo
August 11th, 2017

UFC Conor McGregor

Be careful what you wish for. Paul Malignaggi asked for it, so UFC president Dana White decided to deliver it.

Malignaggi, who was flown in from New York to help McGregor prepare for his blockbuster boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, abruptly left McGregor’s training camp this week after just two sparring sessions because he felt he was being exploited. Malignaggi demanded the UFC release footage of their unofficial scraps so the truth could be told as to why he bounced.

Yeah, about that…

McGregor’s camp had released photos of their sparring session that showed Malignaggi on his back and McGregor standing over him, which insinuated that the UFC lightweight champion had knocked him down. Malignaggi, a former two-time boxing champ, claimed that it was because of a “push down,” not from a knockdown. He bolted from McGregor’s training camp and demanded the UFC release video footage from their 24/7 security cameras to let the fans know exactly what had really happened.

Yeah, about that…

McGregor hosted a media event Friday, that lasted four hours too long, which gave White plenty of time to upload the footage Malignaggi was begging for.

Malignaggi got pushed down, alright. From a McGregor left hook.

Conspiracy theorist would say, ‘The UFC and Showtime paid Malignaggi off to take a dive in order to sell more pay-per-views on August 26.’

What do you say?

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