Daniel Cormier Takes High Road With Jon Jones, But He Shouldn’t

Written by Tom Ngo
August 25th, 2017

If anyone has the right to be heated over Jon Jones’ latest failed drug test, it’s the man he slapped senseless one month ago.

However, now-former-about-to-be-again UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has become the forgotten man in this whole fiasco. While everyone is focusing on the train wreck that is Jon Jones, Cormier is the one who was once again screwed over by the antics of his archenemy.

Instead of thrashing Jones on his latest blunder, Cormier has decided to take the high road despite being forced back on Jones’ never-ending roller coaster ride.

“I’ve got to be careful, this guy is entitled to due process. We can’t say he’s guilty before he’s gone through the process,” Cormier said on UFC Tonight. “I think he was trying to do the right thing, especially after the fight. But this was really bad. You don’t have that type of oversight. Especially with our first fight. This sucks we’re going through this over and over again.”

Jones’ due process to try and clear his name (again) begins when his B-sample results returns. The USADA, the independent company the UFC hired to drug test its entire roster, prides itself in providing 99.99% accuracy in their drug screenings. So Cormier could realistically commence his thrashing now if he chose.

“It’s very difficult,” Cormier said of the predicament Jones has put him in. “You just want to have everything be right. I know that when I walked away from that fight, I knew that I felt that he was better. You know, he had beaten me again.

“The crazy thing is, that this comes at such a bad time. Because right as you’re starting to go through the process of dealing with a loss like that, it kind of gets thrown back in your face in the most unexpected way. You know, so I think that’s probably the most difficult part of the whole thing.”

Some might argue, Daniel, that the most difficult part was getting kicked in the head and elbowed into unconsciousness by someone on performance-enhancing drugs to lose your title. Rubbing salt in the wound is the fact it was done by the only man to have handed you your only previous professional blemish.

When it’s all said and done, Jones and Cormier will forever be linked. A clean Jon Jones was the most decorated light heavyweight champ in UFC history and arguably the game’s GOAT. His entire resume is now suspect, if it wasn’t after getting popped for taking “dick pills” before UFC 200.

Speaking of their initial rematch, that’s another occasion Jones screwed over Cormier. Because Jones was pulled from the main event just days before showtime, Cormier, despite putting in a full training camp, was paid just a fraction of the salary he would have earned in a sequel with Jones. Most importantly, he no longer received a percentage of the historic event’s pay-per-view buys.

In a sport where fighters not named Conor McGregor are making peanuts, that’s more than enough reason to forever hate Jones.

In addition, Cormier is the ultimate competitor, so only he knows how many nights of sleep he’s lost replaying his initial defeat to Jones over in his head. He was granted two separate chances to avenge the lone loss on his record and Jones cheated him out of both opportunities by cheating – UFC 200 where they didn’t get to fight and UFC 214 when they did, but someone had a steroid in his system.

Furthermore, if Cormier ends up winning the rest of his fights before retiring, there will still be that annoying “1” in the loss column courtesy of Jones. But was Jones clean for that January 2015 fight? Remember, that bout took place seven months before the UFC hired the USADA to randomly test their fighters year-round.

Jones flunked his third drug exam – one for cocaine and two for PEDs – so this is certainly about him. But let’s not forget about Cormier, who has done everything right and never asked to be the co-star in Jones’ circus act.

If Jones and his tainted resume never came along, Cormier could easily go down as the best light heavyweight in UFC history.

That’s got to be a tough (dick) pill for Cormier to swallow.

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