Jenna Jameson (AKA Mrs. Tito Ortiz) Goes on Twitter Tirade Aimed at Chuck Liddell

Written by Tom Ngo
March 3rd, 2010

It was a fairly slow day in the world of MMA yesterday as Strikeforce’s “big announcement” had already been reported for them the day prior. Thankfully, there was some good ‘ol fashioned Twitter trash talkin’ for our evening entertainment.

It all started when UFC president Dana White posted a picture on his Twitter account in response to an erroneous report that long-time homie and former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell had packed on some pounds during his tenure as coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 11.”

http://twitpic.com/169u7o As usual an mma”news site” said chuck’s belly was back. Wrong again idiot websites! Stop reading [expletive] sites,” White Tweeted.

That apparently set something off in Jenna Jameson as Mrs. Tito Ortiz came out of left field to stir the Octagon pot.

“I think it’s funny that Dana White defends Chuck Liddell like he’s his boyfriend… It’s kinda embarrassing,” Jameson fired-off to the MMA and XXX Twitter communities.

When Liddell caught wind, he sent a stern message proving he needs no mouthpiece.

“She can talk all the [expletive] she want Tito is still a [expletive] and I ko’d him twice,” Liddell stated.

With a simple stroke of the keypad, Jameson single-handedly ignited the day’s hottest thread.

Here are most of Jameson’s UNEDITED MMA-related posts:

About White’s man crush on “The Iceman”:

“Listen all you Chuck fans.. I saw @danawhites post defending Chucks gut…it’s embarrassing, my opinion, take it for what its worth”

“at least Titos not Danas bitch.”

“Dana favors Chuck, always has… maybe he has a weiner to match his belly, and Dana may like it.hehehe”

“Maybe @DanaWhite will post a pic of Chucks weiner next… stay tuned!”

Showing love for Liddell’s fairly recent wardrobe makeover:

“Maybe its big enough to fit all of Chucks spangly dancing outfits”

Regarding Rashad Evans’ lights out knockout of Liddell at UFC 88:

“actually he fought to a draw with Rashad Evans, and actually won, if he didnt grab the fence. Rashad knocked Chuck out like a girl”

“I’m saying he wasnt flopping around like a goldfish like Chuck after rashad…. hhehehee”

” actually… I’ve never seen @titoortiz get knock the fuck out… Chuck has twice in the past year… research punkass, it helps”

“Ya ever see Tito out cold like Chuck? NOPE”

The former porn star taking a dig at UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman:

“Did you hear Colemans classless attack on me and my kids? He deserved that beating….”

“well, maybe you should do some research and know what was said. Coleman started shit, and tito replied… name of the game”

Liddell’s responses amidst the drama:

“Keep the gloves up I have nothing against jenna but tito is fair game no gloves needed there!”

“didn’t he put you in check once already and now you are talkin shit again? Titos gonna cry like a bitch again!”

“its called being a friend jenna. You and tito wouldn’t know anything about that.”

Ortiz’ only comments were directed towards teasing his haters:

“I wish you all could live my life for one day. It would change the way you think of me. Big shoes to fill.”

Jameson’s Tweet just moments later:

“OK, time to bubble bath…”

Where they sitting next to each other during that entire Twitter spat??? Anyway, hope this recap was entertaining, real MMA action kicks off again this Saturday at “WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz” in Columbus, Ohio!

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