Urijah Faber Talks WEC Contract

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
July 22nd, 2009

Urijah Faber

Featherweight superstar Urijah Faber has only one fight remaining on his WEC contract, and he’s been grumbling about his current salary for quite some time now. Although he has dropped two of his last three fights, his box office drawing power remains strong. This should make for an interesting negotiation.

“I feel like I’m making a pretty good name for myself and I’d like to be compensated for this,” Faber stated. “I don’t feel like being someone that is gonna build up something and not reap the rewards, but in all honesty, they do have the fighters interests in mind.”

Without a doubt Faber has carried the entire organization on his 145-pound frame for a minute, although having the division’s reigning champion Mike Brown hold two wins over your head isn’t the best way to enter contract talks.

However, the 30-year-old senses that monster paydays are still to come for MMA’s most elite fighters, and he’s just hoping that he won’t miss the boat.

“What we have is a company that’s growing right now; they’re kind of putting that on the shoulders of some of the people. I feel like we should be looked at as investments,” said Faber. “If they’re not making money right now, they’re spending money on a lot of other stuff to help build their business and the fighters are part of that.

“I’d like a little bit more attention, money put into the WEC brand. It doesn’t grow overnight, but they really should be making a big push. We’ve got a lot of guys that are extremely marketable. We’ve got the most exciting fights in the world for sure.”

Faber is still on the mend from the broken right hand he suffered in his unanimous decision loss to Brown at WEC 41 last month. Although he’s been out of action, you better believe that Faber will be keeping a watchful eye at WEC 45 where Brwon is slated to defend his strap against Jose Aldo.

“I have a good shot at getting a title shot real soon down the road,” Faber said in closing. “So I’m hoping that we can reach a great agreement and I can keep fighting with the WEC because I love it there.”

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