Carlos Condit: “I Haven’t Really Had a Chance to Train with Georges St-Pierre”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 17th, 2010

UFC WEC Welterweight Carlos Condit

The stable of superstars Greg Jackson houses at his gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been well publicized. Welterweight Carlos Condit recently reconnected with MMA’s resident guru, and to no one’s surprise, has flourished under his tutelage.

After rudely putting Dan Hardy to bed at UFC 120, the obvious ‘What if’ scenario was immediately spotlighted. If “The Natural Born Killer” continues to live up to his moniker and Jackson’s prized protégé Georges St-Pierre remains the 170-pound champion, what will happen when their paths eventually cross?

“We haven’t talked about it a whole lot. You know, that’s still in the future but I guess if we come to that point we’ll just discuss it and go from there,” Condit told 5thRound.com in an exclusive interview. “I’m from Albuquerque. So I was moving back home and I was looking at making a long-term move.”

Barry Bonds, Major League Baseball’s all-time home run king*, once said he never shared trade secrets with fellow teammates because one day they could be on opposite squads and he didn’t want for his knowledge to be used against him. When asked if that was the same approach he and GSP have shared in their encounters in Albuquerque, Condit revealed they have rarely ever worked together.

“Well, actually I haven’t really had a chance to train with Georges,” Condit told us. “He’s been pretty busy with coaching ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ I’ve been busy with [the birth of my first child]. He hasn’t been in Albuquerque very much at all lately.

“At the same time, that’s just kind of the nature of the sport now. No matter what camp I go to, if it’s a decent camp there’s going to be a welterweight I may face. Whether it’s Georges St-Pierre or somebody else. That’s just how it is these days.”

On the flipside, it’s not as though Condit has come out demanding a shot at the planet’s nastiest welterweight either. The 26-year-old certainly wasn’t ashamed to admit there are still a few fighters ahead of him in the pecking order.

“Maybe Jon Fitch, Jake Shields or Martin Kampmann,” Condit humbly conceded.

For the time being, it appears no line needs to be drawn in the sand and sides won’t need to be picked at this point. Although, at the rate Condit is stockpiling wins it’s only a matter of time. After viciously putting Hardy to sleep on Saturday night to collect his third consecutive Octagon victory, the wait might not be an extended one.

“I feel like it puts me about one fight away from a title shot,” Condit stated.

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