UFC Co-Owner: “I Want to See Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 28th, 2010

UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St Pierre Manila

The UFC has access to MMA’s most box office scrap, however president Dana White is not quite prepared to unveil it. While the brash frontman may not be keen on the idea of welterweight king Georges St-Pierre facing middleweight champ Anderson Silva in a mega-fight to end all mega-fights, one of the Octagon’s other head honchos is extremely fascinated.

“I want to see that fight,” UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta recently said. “That’s probably the one fight I really want to see the most. GSP has to get past Koscheck, Anderson Silva has to get past Vitor Belfort [first].

“If that happens, there’s a really good likelihood that we could see that fight – probably some time next summer. If these guys keep winning their fights, I think it will definitely happen.”

There are a multitude of underlying reasons why White doesn’t want to pit two of his champions against one another, but he’s been publicly pushing the drastic size difference between the two, as well as that ‘cleaning out the division’ thing.

“I’m not crazy about the fight because Georges St-Pierre is a real 170-pounder. Anderson Silva is a freak who, he makes 85, but this guy could compete and I think do well at 205. So it’s just a tough fight for me,” White admitted at the UFC 117 post-fight presser. “I think eventually it could happen, but there’s still a long road.

“Georges St-Pierre has to beat (Josh) Koscheck, then beat (Jake) Shields, and a couple of these other (guys). He’s still got a ways to go to clean out his division.”

If GSP is able to collect his eighth straight win at UFC 124, and parlays that into his sixth consecutive title defense against Shields, who earned his crack at the crown this past weekend at UFC 121, he’d practically be lapping the field fighting anyone after that.

If you really look at it, waxing a weight class completely clean could technically go on forever.

Regardless, Fertitta echoed White’s statements. Practically verbatim, but with much greater urgency.

“One of the things we wanted to do was allow both of these guys to continue to get through their divisions – meaning there were a lot of contenders that deserved title shots,” Fertitta said. “Because they’re in different weight classes, we wanted to let that all play out before we put those two guys together.

“I mean we’re getting to a point where they’ve pretty much cleaned out the division. Maybe it’s time to watch them and see what happens.”


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