Matt Hughes Comments on Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar and UFC 121

Written by Tim Ngo
October 28th, 2010

Former UFC Welterweight Champ Matt Hughes

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes was one of many to watch Cain Velasquez steal Brock Lesnar’s moniker as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” at UFC 121. The Octagon Hall of Famer recently voiced his opinions on what went down this past Saturday.

Although Hughes didn’t know a lot about who Velasquez was heading into the bout, he didn’t believe in Lesnar enough to bet the farm on him.

“I had several offers to bet on Brock, but I just didn’t place any bets on him,” Hughes explained. “I didn’t know a lot about Cain, but I did know that he had some good wrestling credentials, he had better striking abilities, and he was going to use a lot more movement in the fight.

“I didn’t think Brock was going to lose like he did, but I knew there was a good chance Cain could get his hand raised.”

Although he grasped the magnitude of the event, the nine-time champion says he didn’t understand why the UFC pumped so much hype into the biggest heavyweight title bout in the promotion’s history.

“UFC kind of made a big deal about it,” said Hughes. “I really don’t know why, but I’m glad that the Mexicans have a heavyweight champion.”

For those of you who were under a rock for the past several of days, Velasquez thoroughly dominated the seemingly invincible Lesnar en route to capturing the gold. Not only for himself, but the entire Mexican-American community as well.

After a career-defining win, Velasquez had a busy Monday as he celebrated his victory with multiple appearances on radio and television. The champ was on Piolín por la Mañana before stopping by TMZ.com and chatting it up with Harvey Levin. He capped off his night by visiting George Lopez on Lopez Tonight.

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