Not Shown on ‘TUF 14’: Josh Ferguson Took a Dump in Dustin Neace’s Stolen Cowboy Hat

Written by Tom Ngo
October 20th, 2011

UFC Roland Delorme

At the conclusion of each season of “The Real World,” MTV airs an episode featuring clips that didn’t make the original cut called “The S#it They Should Have Shown.” Well, according to Roland Delorme (Pictured), “The Ultimate Fighter 14” bantamweight contestant who has been blogging exclusively for 5thRound.com all season, Spike TV left some crap out of last night’s episode.

Episode 5:

“The episode starts with Diego Brandao freaking out on Steven Siler, which kind of came out of nowhere seeing as though Siler never said anything about Diego. It proved to me that Diego must be one of those fighters that has to hate his opponent to fight him and will make up any excuse in his own mind to get his blood flowing.

Personally, I don’t need to hate anyone to fight them. We can be best friends and I’ll still beat the [expletive] out of you. But everyone does things differently, and as long as you’re mentally prepared, who cares how you get there?

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes, the Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani sideshow continues this episode with Dustin getting his cowboy hat stolen. Now, I don’t know what possessed him to get a cowboy hat and then paint a “B” on it considering Josh Ferguson had one since the beginning. It did seem kind of strange and everyone was like ‘WTF is that?’, but Dustin lives in his own world, that’s for sure.

So, on the show you see Ferguson take Neace’s hat and hiding it. What they didn’t show you was that Josh actually ended up taking a [crap] in his hat and left it for him to find outside. I mean it was a pretty ugly hat to say the least, and maybe they did Neace a favor by not letting him walk around the house with the ugliest cowboy hat I’d ever seen.

After Dustin found his hat, he kinda lost his mind and went on a rampage by throwing all of Akira’s food away and then going to the gym and throwing his training gear all over the room. At this point, everybody still thought that Diego and Siler were gonna be the next fight. Even though Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller didn’t say anything about it, you could tell something was up.

Dustin all of a sudden started running an hour a day, so I knew the switch was gonna happen. It just made too much sense considering Akira was eating everything in sight. At the fight announcement, Dustin again lost his cool and tried to double-leg Akira at the stare down and started all this chaos that ended with Mayhem and Bisping getting in each other’s faces.

At that point, we still had to finish the fight announcement with Diego and Siler still having to do their stare down, and in Mayhem’s words, “How are we supposed to act normal now? It’s like dad just slapped mom at the dinner table and now we got to finish our plates.” A little awkward.

All week leading up to the fight, Dustin was saying how he’s not gonna stop until the ref pulls him off, and that he’s gonna tear [Akira’s] knee apart if he doesn’t tap and all this stuff, but when push came to shove, and in the fight when it counted most, Dustin – who has almost 50 pro fights – made a rookie mistake. He let go of a heel hook that caused Akira to tap on his leg, but the ref didn’t see it. In the end it cost him the fight.

Everyone who fights should learn a lesson from that – if you get a submission on someone and they’re tapping, don’t let go until the ref pulls you off. That’s your job and it’s the ref’s job to save your opponent. If the ref doesn’t do his job, well, I guess that’s too bad for him. SNAP OR TAP!”

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